Good day to you professional colleagues, we hereby announce the suspension of MCPDP APRIL 2020 EDITION due to the present COVID-19 pandemic outbreak which led to LOCKDOWN in OGUN STATE.

We are currently monitoring the situation as we are hopeful things would have improved to hold MCPDP MAY 2020 EDITION. This will be communicated to us in due time.

We encourage us all to keep staying safe by;

1. Washing our hands with soap and water.

2. Use hand sanitizer to rub your hands in the absence of soap and water.

3. Maintaining social/physical distancing.

4. Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes

5. Wear face masks (surgical and N95 respirator) while attending to patients.

6. Treat every patients as a potential COVID-19 infected case by practicing hand-washing before and after contact with patient and appropriate use of PPEs.

Thank you for your unlimited cooperation as we aim to serve you better.

#staysafe #hanswashing #socialdistancing



New MCPDP Modules

Please note that six (6) additional modules has been added to our program by Nursing and Midwifery Council. The Programmes are:

Clinical Management of Rape, Female Genital Mutilation, Psychosocial Support for all nurses and midwives
Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Youth Friendly Services for all nurses and midwives CTU
Contraceptive Technology Update for all nurses and midwives

Long Active Reversible Contraceptives Specifically for midwives/family planning providers. Please note that CTU MCPDP Module is a prerequisite for LARC.
Emergency Obstetric & Newborn Care Respectful Maternity Care and Obstetric Fistula Prevention for midwifes and Nurses who have undergone MCPDP Midwifery Module I & II
Elimination of Maternal to Child Transmission of HIV


The Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Programme (MCPDP) Ogun state website

The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (N&MCN) (Established by Decree No 89 of 1979) is the regulatory Body of the Nursing Profession in Nigeria. It is concerned with Nursing Education, Registration and Practice.

The NMCN established the Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Programme (MCPDP) and inaugurated committees in all the states of the Federation to update all Practicing Nurses on current trends in nursing education and practice for effective client care.

The programme is a brain child of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria which was established in March 2010.

Our Events

Our Programmes run twice every month of the year. This is to allow room for every practicing Nurse to register and participate in the program.

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